20160623_155303When I was eight years old, I got some news that would change my life forever. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes – a chronic disease with potentially fatal side effects.

Fast forward 10 years and I just finished my freshman year at LeMoyne College. I have to admit, it was pretty scary leaving home, having to deal with this disease on my own, for the first time. I’ve literally had many highs and lows (in terms of blood glucose levels) over the past year.

Until there is a cure, these highs and lows could lead to catastrophic health problems or worse for me and everyone else with T1D. That’s why I am reaching out to you, today, to help me fund the research to find a cure.

How to Help – Become an Event Sponsor

Back in 2010, My family started the the A*Town Rumble. Its a fun event that brings together an eclectic mix of moped, classic scooter, modern scooter, and motorcycle riders for a series of rides and games. It also has become a top fundraising event.

Every sponsorship dollar goes directly to JDRF, to fund projects like the Artificial Pancreas Project and to ultimately find a cure for me and 3 million others suffering from this disease. Until a cure is found,  T1D’s will always be at risk of suffering from diabetes’ serious health effects, including: kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage, amputations, heart attack, stroke and DEATH.

Tax deductible Sponsorship opportunities range from $125 – $1000.

CLICK HERE for Sponsorship Details and Benefits

How to Help – Sponsor a Rider

Alternatively, you can sponsor rider to show your support for that rider and JDRF. Rider sponsorship starts at just $10. By the way – you will find me listed as a rider to sponsor :)

Click Here to Sponsor a Rider

If you prefer to donate the old fashioned way by sending us a check, that works too! Please make the check out to: JDRF and mail to: A*Town Rumble, c/o Chuck Price, 381 Broadway, Box 8, Menands NY 12204


Thank You

Connor Price

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