On Friday, July 6, riders from out of town will arrive at  La Quinta, check in to their rooms, and register in the La Quinta Lobby for the Rumble. During and after check in, we’ll gather in the lobby and parking lot to meet and greet, then take a leisurely ride through town and country to a restaurant/tavern on the Hudson River. We’ll be ordering ahead, so stop at the registration table to mark your choices. We’ll return to the hotel as a group, so no one will get lost!

Saturday, July 7, are the main events. At 9 a.m., after everyone has had an opportunity to grab a free continental breakfast in the hotel, we’ll ride to the grounds of the Capital District Farmers Market, where local riders will converge to register. There will be a choice of two rides, A local ride for scooters under 150cc (or for anyone wishing a slower pace), and another, for 150cc and above (on secondary roads up to 55 mph).

Sunday, July 8, all great things must come to an end. Time to saddle up and ride home


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